Parent Update

Welcome to our Parent Update. Our Parent Update started at the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic and is updated as required with any relevant (Coronavirus related) updates for our families. Please visit here regulary.

Reporting a Positive Case of Coronavirus during October Half Term

Over the course of the Half Term Closure, if your child tests positive for COVID-19, please report this as soon as possible by emailing 

Please provide the following details:

Child’s full Name:

Date of Birth:


The date/time of when they were tested for COVID-19:

The day/time COVID-19 symptoms developed:  

The day/date that your child last attended School:

This information is vital if we are required to inform close contacts in School. Thank you.

Key Reminders for our Whole School Community:

  • If one member of your household is displaying any symptoms of COVID19, all members of the household must self isolate until a negative test result has been recieved. This includes all siblings attending Sherwood. Your children must not attend School while a member of the household awaits a test result.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the Government 'Support Bubble' guidance before making arrangements to collect and drop off other children to/from School. We are in a position to be flexible with staggered drop off and collection times, but only if the exceptional circumstances are in line with the Government Support Bubble Guidelines. 
  • If you are unsure of isolation guidance or testing guidance, please click here for an easy to follow poster.
  • Please limit your time on School site at drop off and collection, standing at a distance of 2m from others at all times. We continue to ask that only one adult attends School please.
  • If your child is sent home to isolate from school this also means they have to isolate from all other activities, events, occasions, sporting activities and places of worship.
  • If your child is not displaying symptoms of coronavirus, they do not need to be tested.
  • If your child has been tested, please inform school immediately when you get a test result. Please email if the result is received over the weekend. This will help us make plans for pupils who will need to isolate as confirmed contacts.
  • Please be prepared to collect your child from school during each school day as the requirement for pupils to isolate can occur at any time; have a back-up plan if you will be in work. All communication will be sent through our School Spider App – this also sends an email notification.

Reporting Pupil Absence

If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, please ring school to notify Mrs Maddock of the reason for your child's absence. If you leave a message, please provide details of your child's symptoms. Please do not leave a message that your child is 'unwell'.

If your child has a temperature, cough or any other symptoms of COVID, then your child will not be able to attend School until they have been tested and received a confirmed negative result, are well and have not had a temperature for 48 hours. Please inform the school when you report your child's absence of your intention to book a COVID test. Thank you.

Please continue to follow the Government Stay at Home Guidance for all children and members of the family.

If your child receives a Positive COVID test result, it is vital that School is informed as soon as possible and you continue to follow the Stay at Home Guidance.

If you are unsure if your child should/should not attend School, we ask please that you ring in advance to clarify your situation with a member of the School Office.

COVID Testing

At present, NHS Covid -19 test are only available through the Government's Test and Trace scheme and not through local GPs. You will be able to choose to take a test at a testing site or ask for a testing kit to be delivered to your home.

To access these tests please visit

Appointments during the School Day/Communication with Class Bubbles

At present, our Office Staff are not able to enter our class bubbles. Our Office staff are therefore communicating by internal phone where possible or by email. If your child misses their allocated drop off or needs to attend an appointment during the school day, please understand that there may be a delay in your child being collected from the Main entrance or collected from class. Staff from your child's bubble will only be able to collect your child or leave the bubble if there is appropriate supervision in class. 

At this present time, only essential medical appointments will be authorised to avoid distruption to teaching over the school day. We therefore ask parents to make appointments outside the School day wherever possible.

Social Distancing

For the Health and Safety of all our children and families, please ensure that Social Distancing measures are followed at all times on School Site. Thank you.

Staggered Drop off and Collection

Please remember that there is a 10 minute window for drop off (for each group) in the morning - this is to allow time for handwashing as children arrive.

Group 1: 8.35-8.45am

Group 2: 8.45-8.55am

Group 3: 8.55-9.05am

It is therefore not necessary for your child to be on site at the start of the drop off - please consider staggering your arrival. Thank you.

If your child misses their drop off time, please accompany your child to the main entrance and notify the office staff. Please wait with your child until a member of staff from your child’s class bubble is able to collect them.

Ongoing review of our Risk Assessment

We will continue to closely follow guidance from the DfE and Local Authority to inform our Risk Assessment through this reopening phase.

Please click here for Guidance from the Department for Education: What Parents and Carers need to know about Schools in the Autumn Term

The guidance is now available in the following languages:

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