Eco Warriors

At Sherwood, we are passionate about addressing environmental issues throughout our school.  We believe that an eco-school encourages teamwork and helps create a better understanding of environmental issues.  

Our 'Eco-Warriors' team is made up of children from Year 3 and lead by Mrs Raw.  We feel it is important that the children understand what the role of being part of the eco-warriors entails and encourage them to volunteer to spread the message of how to help enhance the environment and community we live in.  

Bird feeders


The children filled bird feeders and distributed them around our outdoor environment.  They will be in charge of making sure the are topped up to encourage birds to visit our school grounds.  

Recycling across School


This term, the Eco-Warriors assessed our recycling facilities around school and delivered some new recycling boxes.  They are busy spreading the message of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recyle'.  They will continue to monitor the use of paper and plastic in school and will be advising staff and children of ways to be more environmentally friendly.  


Sherwood Climate Pledge

This term, the Eco-Warriors, in partnership with our elected Pupil Parliament representatives have written our 'Sherwood Climate Pledge'. This powerful message is a reminder to us all to take action to support a 'greener' tomorrow.

Sherwood Nearly-new Uniform Shop


Please click here to view our advert for the Nearly-new Uniform shop on Facebook

In partnership with the PTA, we have been busy making a video to advertise the nearly-new uniform shop where parents can donate uniform that children have out-grown and buy nearly-new.  Search for the group on Facebook to see all the gorgeous uniform for sale.


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