Year Three News updates

Here you will find little news updates each week - the type of thing your child may not tell you about.

Week beginning 19.2.18 

We began reading and enjoying our new class book, Iron Man, by Ted Hughes. What a treat to immerse ourselves in the best language! In maths, we spent time learning about angles in shapes, turns and clocks. We learnt more about acute and obtuse angles. In art, we began a 3D art topic - making bowls which we will decorate in the style of an artist. In PE, we began net and ball skills work. Please make sure your child has an outdoor kit in school. Trainers, blue tracksuit bottom and blue hoodie please. Thanks for welcoming Mr Sutcliffe into Year Three! 

Week beginning 26.2.18

We practised solving addition and addition problems using different data sources. It was important to follow the School method for formal calculation when we needed to. We practised writing complex sentences and started to think about the Iron Man from different perspectives. Mr. Sutcliffe got stuck in the Cumbrian snow and Ms. Rowland came as the Snow Queen on World Book Day. We made giant books as part of World Book Week celebrations and made 3D bowls in our 3D art topic. Thank you for your amazing costume efforts which helped make our week special. 

Week beginning 5.3.18

We had a great time planning and starting to write our Iron Man stories. The children have been inspired by the amazing vocabulary. In maths, fractions were the order of the day as we learnt how to order fractions and investigate patterns when we find equivalent fractions. In art, we explored how we could convert 2D designs into our pots. In PE we are focusing on net games and the ping pong tables came out! Magnetism investigations and experiments were led by the children in science. 

Week beginning 12/3/18

We had a brilliant time on Art Day - check out the news item on the homepage for gallery photos. In maths, we consolidated our learning about position and direction. Our stories based in the Iron Man were outstanding. Some of them will be presented next week here on the website. Brace yourselves to be amazed. Our class Reading Champion in 3NM is Haniyah, as voted by the children. She will be encouraging reading and making recommendations! 3PR will announce their champion next week. 

Week beginning 19/3/18

The children made an anthology of their work on The Iron Man including pop up Iron Men. They evaluated their work and wrote short Haiku poems which explore syllables in lyrics. In maths we used number lines to calculate time intervals. The children realised the importance of learning facts when telling the time. We helped plant trees on the playing field and explained our science experiments.

Week beginning 9.4.18

Well, we started off with a flood in the two classrooms which required the carpets to be replaced. However, that didn’t stop us learning all about classic poems. We started to act out and recite ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth which also links to our topic about the Lake District. We enjoyed learning how to paint daffodils as a starter for both our painting topic and science topic. We began thinking about what plants mean to us in our everyday lives. In maths, we recorded and interpreted data from pictograms, line graphs and bar charts. Mr Sutcliffe then forgot to hand out the homework. There was much rejoicing!




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