Planting Seeds in EYFS!

Class: Foundation Year: 2021 - 2022

Yesterday, Foundation prepared the soil by watering it, then we delicately planted our peas, carrots and wild flower seeds.  We learned about how our crop is planted in a line so that we can harvest it easier and weed it easier!  The children made a long hole called a 'drill' in which to plant their seeds before gently covering them with soil.  It began to rain and the children laughed that it will water the seeds for us!  We talked about the conditions needed for planting and how the sun and the rain will enable their growth.  

We also built on our knowledge of growing by planting out cucumber seedlings that we had propagated from seeds.  We observed how the plant had changed and carefully lifted out each 'plug' to plant and firm in the ground with our hands.  The children noticed that the peas had started to sprout!  We are looking forward to watching them grow in the raised beds.

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