Our Gallery

P.N.E. Player Visit, by Mr Whelan

Infant Christmas Dinner, by Mrs Hanson

Catalyst Science Museum, by Mr Whelan

Sharing writing, by Mr Whelan

Tug o’ War, by Mr Whelan

Let there be light!, by Mr Hudson

Going shopping., by Miss Hough

Winter Through Literature , by Miss Terrell

We love role play!, by Mr Sutcliffe

Christmas Art Week!, by Mr Sutcliffe

Team work, by Mr Sutcliffe

1 minute challenge, by Mr Sutcliffe

Fraction Friday! , by Miss Hough

Oliver Twist Day, by Mr Whelan

Learning through play, by Miss Smith

Oliver Twist Story!, by Miss Smith

The Gruffalo! , by Miss Smith

Foundation Magician's Day, by Mrs Hanson

Sherwood Primary School

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Preston PR2 9GA

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