'Music is a magic like no other which can do incredible, unexplainable things.' Tom Fletcher

Music will be heard, made and appreciated at some point in the school every day - whether it be in assembly or during class activities.

From EYFS to Year 6, we follow a superb scheme of work which allows the children to develop progressive skills in:

  • Listening and appraising music
  • Musical activities which includes singing, games, playing instruments improvisation and composition
  • Performance 

We learn to play the recorder from Year 1 and build these skills through the school, learning to read notation and play more complex pieces.

We learn about different styles of music and enjoy making links to history, influential women and cultural differences in music.

We learn that music is part of our own personality and we have a right to make choices as we listen to music and appreciate it. 

We want our children to learn to find their soul in music and always see it as an opportunity to relax and provide them with a source of good mental health and the background for amazing dreams!



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