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Spring Term Second Half 2022

10th March 2021: Our School Council met today to discuss ideas for new playground markings. Our playground markings on our Infant Yard require updating and enhancements to the Junior yard were also considered. Our children went back to class to carry out a survey and will feedback the children's views to Mrs Lumb at the end of the half term.

Spring Term First Half 2022

The School Council met to discuss learning at Sherwood and the Sherwood Curriculum. The suggestion boxes were full of great ideas and feedback. 

Sherwood Curriculum

Y5 suggestion boxes included the desire to include more drama as it is very engaging. Y5 talked about their Oliver Twist drama work and described how it brought their learning 'to life'.  Mrs Lumb explained that the teachers have recently had drama training and it's great to hear examples of it being used in the classrooms. As a class, Mrs Lumb advised that children and teachers look together at where drama could be used across the curriculum.

Writing non-fiction - Y5 suggestion boxes also includes idea to further explore non fiction writing. We discussed planning World Book Day around the theme of non-fiction. For example, you could dress up as an animal, astronaut, chef, planet - linked to our favourite non-fiction texts. Mrs Lumb agreed to share the idea with Miss Terrell and Mrs Sheppard. Mrs Lumb suggested talking about possible dressing up ideas for World Book Day on a non-fiction theme in class.

Spanish is a language that the children in Y6 are interested to learn. Mrs Lumb explained that French is our chosen language to teach at Sherwood. Mrs Lumb to discuss if a Spanish club would be possible for Y6 with Miss Hough. This is already delivered for another year group. 

We discussed our subjects at Sherwood and how tricky it can be to squeeze everything into the timetable. History and Geography are subjects that are enjoyed and there was a suggestion by a Y6 pupil to learn specific countries in greater detail.

There was a suggestion for an Art day at Sherwood.  Mrs Lumb shared an update on the 2022 Arts Challenge linked to our A-Z of Creativity. The School Council suggested one day in the summer when everyone could work on one of the challenges. 

We discussed reading at Sherwood and that over the day, there are opportunities to read in all areas of the curriculum, assemblies etc. 30 minutes of reading across.

Any Other Business

We agreed 1 more week of collecting games for wet play boxes to support our Green pledge of re-use. HS Y5 representative suggested that we do not buy plastic boxes but we recycle boxes from School deliveries to store games in for wet play.

IH Y6 representative discussed football at lunchtime: Football at lunchtime is now a possibility again as space has improved with the new timetable. 

Following a suggestion for more sculptures on School site, Mrs Lumb agreed to contact the Mason Wood Carver to get some costs for sculptures in the School grounds. 

Step by step drawing videos were also suggested for wet play activities.

Another productive meeting - thank you to all children for their suggestions.


Autumn 2021

Safety at Sherwood

Our School Council representatives have focussed their discussion on Safety this term and gathered children's views on safety in school and on the playground. The following feedback had been gathered:

  • School cares.
  • We have great friends.
  • School is protective.
  • There are a lot of people and staff to keep us safe.
  • Teachers help and supervise.
  • Whenever you are outside the teachers protect you.
  • You can’t talk to strangers because there are gates and they protect you.
  • Everyone around you is kind so you feel protected.
  • No because someone could climb the fence and get into School. No because some people look through the gates.
  • There are lots of people you can trust.
  • Teachers always make sure your guardian is picking you up.
  • There are fire drills in case of emergency.
  • The School is very protected.
  • The teachers make sure you get home safely.
  • The teacher always make sure you are healthy.
  • There is always protection.

Some children raised concern that there are lots of thorns and nettles in the forest school area. We discussed our woodland area and the presence of thorns and nettles. Mrs Lumb has ensured that the significant thorny branches have been removed from the infant yard. We discussed the plants where we need to be cautious, when in any woodland area including Sherwood Woodland. Thorns for example, could be Blackberry bushes and many of us love Blackberry and Apple crumble!

One of our Y2 representatives suggested a bell should ring if we all need to come inside. Mrs Lumb explained that we do have a lockdown drill and agreed that we need to practise our Lockdown Drill this term. The School Council discussed the reasons why is may be safer to come inside school: road accident, stray dog.

We talked about speaking to an adult on duty if there should be anything that causes concern and our School Council representatives are going to remind all children that we must not speak to anyone over fence, even if we know that person.


Our School Council representatives stated that they are not aware of any bullying at SHerwood but our Year 6 representaive stated that this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any or that there may be some in the future. Our representatives came up with the following top tips to share with each class (linked to Anti-Bullying Week 2021):

  • Before you act in an unkind way, think how you would feel if you switch roles (Hanna Y5)
  • Speak to a trusted adult (Maddie Y2)
  • Explain to the person that they are hurting your feelings (Izzy Y6)
  • Try not to retaliate back but speak to a trusted adult (Hannah Y6)

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