Our Staff

We are very proud of our hard working staff - a team that works closely together to realise our vision for every pupil.

Headteacher: Mrs J Lumb

Deputy Head: Miss S Barrett

Foundation Stage Teachers: Mrs N Hanson, Mrs M Brown and Mrs B Stamp

Foundation Stage Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Dudley, Mrs P Hall, Mrs S Tagari, Miss J Carrera and Mrs H Valli 

Year 1 Teachers: Mrs S Lovejoy and Miss M McCaw 

Year 1 Teaching Assistants:  Mrs N Bradley, Mrs D Davis and Mrs A Roberts 

Year 2 Teachers: Mrs K Hobson and Miss A Hough 

Year 2 Teaching Assistants: Mrs R Latif, Miss E Thorpe and Mrs E Dover

Year 3 Teachers:  Mrs K Clarkson and Mrs S Raw

Year 3 Teaching Assistants:  Ms K Pike, Mr N Johns and Mrs N Bux

Year 4 Teachers: Mr S Hudson and  Mr J Billington

Year 4 Teaching Assistants: Miss A Carthy, Mrs S Patel and Mrs H Cooksley

Year 5 Teachers: Mrs M Holt and Mr M Stanton

Year 5 Teaching Assistants:  Mrs H Millar and Mrs A Bunker

Year 6 Teachers: Miss L Terrell and Mrs K Sheppard

Year 6 Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Swain, Miss Gaunt and Mrs S Iddon

School Business Manager: Mr S Quirk

School Administrator: Mrs J Maddock

Administrative Assistant/Website Coordinator: Miss C Smith

Welfare Supervisor: Mrs J Swain 

Welfare Assistants: Mrs N Bux, Mrs C Houghton, Mrs S Lancaster, Mrs K Pike, Mrs R Mula, Mrs A Bunker, Mrs N Bradley, Miss V Wilkinson, Miss A Carthy, Mrs S Patel and Miss J Carrera

Site Supervision and Cleaning Team:  Ms K Pike, Miss D McDougall, Mrs R Albin and Mr O'Brien

Contracted IT Support: Mr P Armistead

Contact Us

Sherwood Primary School, Sherwood Way, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 9GA

Mrs J Maddock | Tel: 01772 719093 | Email: admin@sherwood.lancs.sch.uk