Our Gallery

Growing Beans- update, by Miss Hough

We are Artists!, by Miss Hough

Magic Potions, by Miss Hough

Estimating capacity , by Miss Hough

Potato Planting, by Miss Hough

Rosa Parks Protest , by Mr Billington

Sing Together!, by Mrs Holt

Planting Beans and Seeds, by Miss Hough

Foundation visitors!, by Mrs Hanson

Plague Doctor, by Mrs Lovejoy

Contraction surgery, by Miss Atkinson

Digestion System Experiment, by Mrs Lovejoy

Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox, by Miss Atkinson

Year 4 Bird Box Making , by Miss Atkinson

Year 4 DT Club, by Miss Atkinson

Cooking at Broughton High , by Miss Atkinson

Bread Making, by Mr Whelan

Invasion games, by Mrs Holt

PNE Player Visit, by Mr Whelan

Year 6 Magistrate Visit, by Mr Whelan

Show Racism the Red Card, by Mr Whelan

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