Our Gallery

Sherwood Writers , by Miss Terrell

Shape investigation, by Mr Sutcliffe

Bar chart brilliance!, by Mr Sutcliffe

Classifying animals, by Mr Sutcliffe

Year 1 travel to Australia, by Mr Sutcliffe

Bikeability, by Mr Hudson

Art Work, by Mr Whelan

Learning about Chickens! , by Miss Hough

Angles, by Miss Atkinson

Battling with Base 10!, by Miss Hough

Safer Cycling Completed, by Mr Hudson

Fantasy stories!, by Miss Atkinson

Circuits!, by Miss Atkinson

Harris Museum Trip, by Mrs Mirza

3NM LOCAL WALK, by Mrs Mirza

Colour mixing, by Mrs Mirza

Table-Tennis Year 5, by Mr Whelan

Table-Tennis Club, by Mr Whelan

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